Sample Output

Monthly Calendar Report by Department – Grant

CalendarReportSample                    (click to view) 

The EARS calendar reports are a powerful planning and communication tool. They combine posted labor expense with salary projections and selected metrics in a useful calendar format.

Effort Forecasting reports such as this one support a proactive reaction to shifts in the grant and labor pools and enable accurate grant spend down with minimal cost transfers. The totals column displays the actual grant labor budget accurate as of the current date. Variations of this report can be run for grant, department, or a single employee.

Administrators use this for budgeting, allocation troubleshooting, and to highlight funding gaps.  PIs can use it to integrate new grants or resolve staff turnover. Managers frequently bring this to support regular departmental planning sessions.


Quarterly Institutional Support Report

Institutional support report with comments                    (click to view) 

The Percentage of Institutional Support is a powerful metric for institutes that want to monitor the PI’s ability to obtain external funding.

Quarterly reports such as this one supply long range forecasts or comprehensive history. Like all EARS reports, this is available as an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, or PDF.


Employee Form

Employee Card

In some ways the employee form is heart of the system. No one had to type in the basic employee information because it was read from the HR or payroll system. Salary allocation rules are displayed graphically to highlight funding gaps and give the big picture with a glance


Effort Certification Queue

EARS Admin

The effort certification follow up form helps document compliance and highlights pending certification tasks